Hey Hey people.. I’f anyone miss me today, guess what i didn’t miss yall because I was sedated (that means knocked out). I had my wisdom teeth pulled today… I was completely out of it this morning… now the sedation has half worn off.. things are still a litttle foggy, and my mouth is actually hurting now…ahhhhhhh… these pain pills ain’t workin very good… next time the doc better prescribe something stronger… East Opelika Dental arts did an excellent job, the are the nicest people i’ve ever been to. (dentist-wise) Dr. Martin is awesome, he does an excellent job, you never feel a thing. I think the only thing i felt today was the little prick when they put the IV in my arm. After that, he talked to me adding a little sedative in the tube, i kept talking back to him so he gave me another, i still kept talking for another couple minutes, so he gave me a third shot in the IV tube, I don’t remember anything after that… Next thing I remember was two nice nurses walking me out to my car, and then waking up at home. How much better can a visit to the dentist get…lol..hopefully i will be back in business tommorow.

L8er folks,

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