Shifting Gears, Changing Mindsets: An Experiment

In this intricate dance of progress and preservation, sometimes, our greatest transformations aren’t in the big moves, but in the subtle shifts of mindset. As we approach history’s sharp turns, the true task is to refine the consciousness directing the hands on the wheel.

Visualize our collective journey as a car darting toward a looming bend. The gas pedal isn’t weighed down by a mere brick, but by age-old mindsets. Our quirky dashboard, trying its best to ‘reticulate splines’, misses vital indicators, leaving our future—a cartoonish portrayal of infants in the backseat—frantically pointing out our oversight.

Having waited too long, the intense G-forces make it clear: more than just spilled drinks, we risk jeopardizing our precious passengers. Our focus on speed (or profits) blurs the wellbeing of those aboard.

But what if we had a clear way to spot this disparity? Let’s embark on an experiment:

1. Grab a sticky note or a piece of paper, drawing a line down its center.

2. On the left, tick every instance you come across revenue or profit figures without an environmental counterpart.

3. On the right, note when you see them presented together.

4. Commit to this experiment for a week.

5. Conclude by snapping a photo of your note or paper and share the telling difference.

The outcome? A visualization of our collective bent towards profits over the planet, urging a pivotal recalibration.

For a gentler, inclusive ride forward, our very perceptions must evolve. Dive into the experiment. Share your revelations. Let’s shift gears collectively, paving the way to a sustainable, all-embracing horizon.

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