I’m back from the the Smoky Mountains!

Hiya folks! I’m finally back from a long week in Gatlinburg. I had a great time driving around the national park and hiking. We hit the ski slopes on Ober Mountain. It was 18 degress most of the time we were there. There we many scary icy car skidding moments as we headed down 441 thru the mountains into South Carolina. It was a great vacation and allowed me to get some much needed relaxation. Now I am back to work, I have so much to do next week. I’ve got a video advertisement project for Cherokee Fabrication due by Jan 1, and updates to do on just about every website that I maintain. Ahhhhhhh.. This is the downside to vacations, work piles up when ur gone. I am so ready for my next vacation already. I will be scuba diving in the Florida Keys, Yippeee!!! I have attached 1 out of the 1048 pictures that I took while up there below. I was standing on the corner of a ridge on the Laurel Falls trail.

Aighty then! I’ve got plenty of work to do! So L8er Folks!

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