Friday morn, b4 the big game!

Today is a slow day so far, even though there are supposed to be less students on campus today, the parking was still heck. I pulled into the very last available parking space, out in magnolia loop. If you know Auburn, that is the sucky parking area, and it was still crowded out because of the parking areas they have blocked off for the pregamers.

First Class:
Walked in the door, thinking I was running a little late (2 min), saw 3 other people in the classroom. After sitting there and contemplating for five minutes whether or not the proffessor had canceled the class, he finally walks in. So now there is a total of 4 people in the class room, not including the prof. He starts with his lecture and then tells us that we need to write all our names down, so we can get bonus points. Yeahhhh… It payed not being lazy today… I need all the help I can get in that class anywayz..

So now im waiting on my next class for the day, I’m supposed to be doing a risk assessment memo to turn in. Maybe I’ll get extra points for being in the rest of my classes too. Can’t wait for the game tommorrow. hurray up already!!


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