Still here, beside you…

Hey.. Love is Love. If you disagree, check your hearts to make sure they’re still in there. Two is cool 👀 but forced binaries are low and artificial. ☀️ Full stop.

Rainbow – Lahaina, HI

Changed? Darn right we changed. We all do everyday or we ain’t moving forward. Look at plants, they grow, become root bound, and eventually need a bigger pot to thrive but we don’t judge them for that.

Time and time again, we drop our figurative anchors into the oceans of data, down to what we consider the literary bedrock. That’s ok, we all need our rest.

D1v1ng down though, you might be surprised to find out that our anchors have been swallowed by sad whales dragging us along for a ride. (no offense to actual 🐋’s intended ☺️)

sum(my unsolicited .02) = Awaken, go inside, find YOU, do your work, ask for help, rest and heal when you need too, wear sunscreen and find shade when you need it, eat mindfully, drink plenty of water, sing, dance, pull up your anchors, and sail into the New World each day with your framilies! Stay Weird! Stay Kind! Seek diverse perspectives! Look out for one another! Find your Joy Growing and Adventuring Together! Remember to Care! I love you all! Glad you’re still with us! 🖖🏼

Update: I am happy to report that I have found the secret entrance. 🤣

$15 million yacht can be controlled by an iPad

Space ship Super sleek Shining light Daring design Boat building Glitzy gadgets Light and bright Ship-shape

(CNN) — With her curved ‘wings,’ long pointed nose, and gleaming underbelly propped high above the waves, this space-age yacht might be better suited to the sky than the sea.

via pocket

Best Super Bowl Commercial! VW Vader

With the exception of this one, I was not very impressed at the commercials this year. Some of them were just plain bad. This one made me laugh so hard. Who can honestly say that they haven’t tried this as a kid. Ok ok maybe you can ….. I can’t 😉

Dropbox – Earn up to 16 GB of free online file backup and sync storage space

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Quad-Copter – Test Flight

So I managed to procure another set of ESC’s, soldered them up, and finished the power harness. I still want to build some landing gear and move the battery to the bottom, but for now it will do.

I tested it briefly after work on Friday, but today I was able to tweak the programming and had a very successful test flight until one of my props broke. I ordered some more props for backup and will be back in the air soon. 😉

Thanks Robbie for shooting the video!

More detailed pics and information on the build process to come.

For more on my Quad-Copter project, check it out here

Quad-Copter – Intro

UPDATE — 11/17/2010 – Avionics complete. Frame 95% completed.


  1. Make up a power distribution harness for suppling power from the main lipo to the ESC’s.
  2. Recieve and solder new set of H-KING 20a  ESC’s ( Was only able to procure 3 Turnigy Plush 18a ‘s before they went into BACKORDER..ahhhh)
  3. Solder female JST to Arduino for control power.
  4. Design and build some kind of landing gear and battery harness.
  5. Purchase and install Onboard video system. (Go-Hero HD??)
  6. Charge Batteries
  7. Wire management (CRAM everything in the box)
  8. Maiden flight


For more on my Quad-Copter project, check it out here

Dreaming – Our own personal simulator!

I’ve noticed over the past couple years and especially more recently, that sometimes I will continue to work on some challenge (coding/design project, school work, etc…) even while sleeping.

Quite frequently I awake only to remember bits and pieces.

Rarely can I remember the solution long enough to write it down and implement it the next day. When I have been able to, I was surprised to find out that it actually made sense. After watching this video, it seems to make more sense.

Perhaps their is a way to harness the power of our minds in a creative/productive way while we are in a seemingly useless/unproductive state.