The Journey of Samuel Watts: Unmasking the Owls and Rediscovering Truth


In a quaint village where animals of all kinds lived in harmony, there was a group that adhered to the teachings of a wise owl. For generations, the owl’s wisdom had been revered and followed without question. However, when one young squirrel named Samuel Watts dared to challenge the authority of the owls, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery and truth-seeking, despite the shunning and disapproval of his community.

The Composite Owl:

Samuel was raised in the teachings of the owl, following their strict principles and believing in the wisdom they shared. He attended the gatherings with his family and friends, never questioning the authority of the owl. However, as he grew older, Samuel learned that the owl he had been taught to follow was, in fact, a committee of owls with 8-10 members making decisions based on a 2/3 majority vote. These owls claimed to be speaking as one but were neither infallible nor inspired. They were just ordinary owls, who might still have hearts that could be reached.

The Owls’ Contradictory Claims:

The owls continued to claim that they were speaking for a higher power, carefully crafting their messages to maintain their followers’ devotion. They relied on their followers’ trust and faith, presenting themselves as the sole source of truth and guidance. Yet, in small print and obscure footnotes, they would subtly play down their own authority to avoid legal trouble from the village marshal, who was wary of their growing influence.

Disconnection and Shunning:

For a time, Samuel became disconnected from the hive, yet he continued to carry the internal versions of his family and friends within him, hoping that one day they could be reconnected. He began to see the value of questioning the status quo and standing in his own truth. Unfortunately, Samuel’s newfound perspective led to his shunning by the community. They saw him as a threat, a deviant who dared to challenge the teachings of the owls.

Finding Inspiration:

Starship Voyager deploying Ablative armor

But Samuel refused to let their disapproval crush his spirit. He found inspiration in the story of Voyager’s Endgame and the determination of Captain Janeway. With a fierce determination and a touch of Bender’s wit, he thought, “Resistance is futile, my shiny metal ass!”


Samuel Watts held onto the hope that one day, he could play a small part in helping the village animals to break free from the restrictive teachings of the owls and rediscover their own truths. And maybe, just maybe, by sharing his story, Samuel could help others see the dangers of shunning and the importance of embracing one’s authentic self. In the process, he hoped to expose the owls’ contradictory claims and help the villagers understand the manipulative tactics used by those in power to maintain their control.

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