Hilarious Night!!

So I went to see When a Stranger Calls again with a group of friends. Just had to watch them jump. lol.. so the movie begins with extremely long previews (30 min minimum). The movie progresses to the little THX Digital sound demo. The THX robot proceeds to show the audience a cow rattle toy, the robot turns the toy over and it makes a “moerrrrrrr!!!!” sound. He then plugs it into the big THX in the background and turns it over. Then it makes a louder “moerrrrrrr!!!!”, but this time its surround sound. So then the screen goes black, I could not resist. I did it, I let out the loudest “moerrrrrrr!!!!”. I don’t think i have ever made that many people laugh at one time. It was hilarious!!!! Then even after the movie was over, folks were coming up to me “Dude that was awesome, too funny!!!”. So i hang out little while and head home. Well there’s a family powwow going on when i get home. Everybody’s just sitting around talking and having fun. Well obviously when I came in, I let a monster mosquito in. So were sitting their talking an the mosquito starts buzzin around in the vaulted ceiling of our den. Mom grabs the fly-swatter and starts jumpin and swattin…( talk about hilarious!!)The mosquito finally lands upside down right in the peak, completely out of reach, without ladder aid. So dad gets the bright idea he’s gonna shoot the skeeter with a rubber band. He proceeds to start firing off rubber bands all over the place, one miss after another. Eventually one of the rubber bands ricochets off the ceiling and lands in my lap. Here’s the amazing part. I picked the rubber band up, by this time the mosquito is no longer still, but buzzing around in the peak again. I stretched it out, took aim, and fired. I am not going to lie to you, I promise. That fly blew up, wings went everywhere. That was the most fortunate shot ever. It looked like the movie where the bird gets hit by the baseball and feathers go everywhere. It was too funny. I could barely believe it. So awesome!!! Well now im about to hit the sack, b/c i have a long day ahead tomorrow.

So Latas folks, 😉

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