My new mac has arrived, Yippeeee!

My new mac yesterday, but I didn’t have a chance to blog about it. I was so busy loading software, and packing for trip to the mountains. I’m ready to hit the slopes. We will be up there for 7 days. I will try to bring back some great pictures. I doubt they will be near as good as if I had been able to go on the Scuba trip to Nassau, but hopefully I can get a couple good shots. Speakin of good shots, check out my new rig below.. hehe..

Powermac G5 (room a little messy though, haven’t done any wire management since I moved everything)


Oh yeah I’m in the process of getting my grades slowly on Auburn OASIS, keyword being slowly because profs take forever to grade exams and get them entered into the computer. I’ve currently got A’s and B’s and I’m waiting on one more teacher to post. Yeahhhh!!!

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