2nd Scuba Video Release – Black Bart

Here is the second installment of the scuba videos. This video was taken down in Panama City, FL on April 22, 2006. We were diving on the Black Bart. The Black Bart is a 185-foot oil field supply ship that sits upright in 85 feet of water. The vessel was renamed “Black Bart” in memory of Capt. Charles Bartholomew, the Navy’s Supervisor of Salvage in Panama City. The visability was pretty good during the dive. There were some awesome Angel-Fish. I was a little rushed through the video editing by anxious fans, I really should not of gave in, but I cracked under pressure and uploaded my rough draft. I will take some time l8er and clean it up a bit, then I will reupload/replace it. Enjoy!

Scuba Video Release!! The Jetties

Here’s the video footage I promised. It’s stinks some in the middle, b/c i kept letting the camera dangle. But it’s got some kewl fish, an extremely hot scuba diver, and some yellow diver named michael in it…lol..so without further adieu (oh yeah, push the play button below to start!)

P.S. – The next one will be better, b/c i will practice..lol

Scuba Steve’s Skeleton found…Nitrogen Narcosis High!!

Just got back from an amazing scuba trip to Vortex Springs in Ponce de’Leon, Florida on Friday, and Panama City, Florida on Saturday. Friday was fun, cold, but fun. Vortex springs is like a big pond with crystal clear water, the temperature is 68 degrees, and it goes down to about 100 hundred plus feet deep in some caves. Panama City was the highlight of the weekend. We got on the boat at 8:00 a.m. @ Hydrospace dive shop. We went out about 8 miles outside the jetties. I was packing in the Dramamine as precautionary. lol.. We first dove on a old bridge span (71 feet). Then we moved out a little further to a wreck called the Black Bart. This was probably my favorite dive spot out of the two different places we dove. The Black Bart was about 175ft long. It was pretty dang big. The boat tied in on the stern, so we swam down the port (left) side until we reached the wheel house ( the big room, where the steering wheel is) as we swam around front we made and interesting discovery. Someone had taken a fake skeleton (scuba steve..lol), put its feet in concrete filled five gallon buckets, stuck a old scuba regulator in its mouth and placed it looking out the front window. I caught my self a couple of time jumping and thinkin someone was there as we swam around several times. That dive was also about 71 feet. We then got back on the boat and headed back to dock. We unloaded the tanks to be refilled, went out grabbed lunch, and then headed back out at 2:00 . We went on back out to do our 3rd dive of the day on the Black Bart. We kinda took our time getting out there and hung around on the boat for a while to let it get a little dark. When we did get in the water this time, we were alone. Just me and my dive buddy, no instructor. (oooooooooahhhhhhhh…70+ feet and two newbs..lol) We went on down and eventually swam around to just off the port bow. On that side there was a pit on the side of the hull. We were able to get down to a whopping 83 feet. Horray our personal record…Lol.. we came back up… hung around on the boat for bout an hour then pulled back up at the bridge span again. This time it was dark outside. We were also by ourselves again. We went down and putted along, shining our flash lights in the cracks of the bridge to see the fish and crustaceans. We saw lots of fish over the course of these 4 dives. We saw angelfish, amber jack, and a couple barracudas. We headed back in to dock at about 7:00 p.m. I barely made it back to my condo, and showered before feeling very wierd. We went to the Boatyard to get something to eat, i can remember looking at the walls and seeing them moving. It was wierd but kewl… By the next morning it had subsided. Even though the trip had some interesting not necessarily bad side effects, i have to say it was one of the best times i have ever had. I am already trying to work my schedule around planning the next one.

l8er folks.
-Brandon ( the now scuba certified …lol) maybe i can put Brandon Fiquett SC next to my name now..lol

P.S. – I will try to find pics to post later..

Adventure Sports Scuba * Great folks to get in touch with if your interested in Scuba Diving

I now know how Han Solo felt!! LOL

Today.. as part of my scuba class.. we went to Anchor Bay Marina on Lake Martin for our first open-water certification dives. The water was a freezin 72 degrees. The air outside was freezin 60 degrees. We got in the water made 4 dives @ about 20 minutes a piece. Then when we got out, the wind was blowing so hard. The wetsuits kept us wet, so the cold wind froze us.