“That just Happened” – Fireworks Gone Wrong!

So I was invited to go to this baseball game w/ friends. It was a nice game, and the fireworks show afterwards will be hard to forget.

Fortunately, my friend/co-worker, Greg Goodwin, was able to start filming as soon as the first explosion happened and he was able to capture what is now my personal favorite angle of the incident.

Video Courtesy of:  Gregory Goodwin (MrPezMan23)

MrPezMan23 | July 12, 2010

On Friday night, July 9th, 2010, the Hudson Valley Renegades beat the Auburn Doubledays in 11 innings. The home crowd was very excited and were looking forward to the fireworks after each Friday night home game.

The outfield lights were turned off, including all other lights in the park for maximum enjoyment of the display. After perhaps 5 minutes of an amazing display, a very small ground level explosion occurred behind the outfield fence where the fireworks were originating from. A few moments later a green firework appeared to come from under the fence at ground level skipping across the outfield toward second base. The crowd reacted nervously, some screams. That is where the video picks up.

From my seat in section 305, I turned my camera on because I felt like something else might happen. Unfortunately, it did. A few moments later, another explosion occurred, rocketing a red firework toward the home plate grandstand, slamming into the window of the suites. I kept videoing, nobody seemed to be seriously injured, I could not hear any screaming or crying once the lights came on. I then evacuated as directed.

I originally posted this on CNN’s iReports. I am also posting it here on YouTube for iPhone users.

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