What To Do With Your Laptop At The Airport When Nature Calls?

What To Do With Your Laptop At The Airport When Nature Calls?
By P Pavarolar

Both you and I all have been there, I mean when you got everything setup on your laptop and ready to get some work done in a quiet spot in an airport terminal when nature call.

What do you do when you have to get up for a moment to pay the visit to the bathroom?

Do you:

1. Just leave your laptop and pray that know one would notice it or worst steal it.

2. Look for a respectable, trusty looking fellow passenger to look after your laptop during your absent.

3. Take the time to turn off your laptop (this is about 4 mins process for my laptop), yes I mean saving all the files, shutting down all the application, disconnecting from the WiFi service and pack everything back up.

4. Get yourself a laptop lock that you can use to secure your mobile computing machine to one of the airport fixtures that is not likely to be moved during your bathroom visit.

I have to confess that I can not tell you which one out of these 4 tactics you should use to secure your laptop while you answer the call of nature. Each situation is unique and I can not say to you that any of the tactics above will 100% guarantee your laptop from any airport theft out there.

Throughout my traveling years working on my laptop in airport terminals after airport terminals across the country and the world I have to say that I have use all of the 4 tactics above. I’m very glad to say that I have yet to have a laptop walk away from me (knock on wood) throughout these years.

Ok if you really want me to pick out the tactic that I prefer it would have to be tactic number 4. For me carrying a laptop lock seems to be the most logical and the least hassle choice. From doing a little research I also found out that the sale figures of these laptop locks like my Kensington have risen sharply while the number of laptop theft at airport have decline. Something must be working and I want to say that it is my Kensington laptop lock and my good luck that keep my laptop from walking away. So what should you do with your laptop? I still can’t tell you but for me it the laptop locks.

Ok not to waste your time reading this post here are some of the recommended laptop locks that may bring you a little peace of mine the next time you have to step away from your laptop just for a moment at the airport:

Kensington MicroSaver® Retractable Notebook $29.99
(I got my from Dell)
Targus DEFCON combination lock $33.00

You can check out some more laptop locks on Google.

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