Try Firefox Browser… You won’t go back to IE!!

Several years ago when first heard about Firefox, I was like “whoopdeedoo, another IE imitation that’s going to fail”. I have been proved horribly wrong. I tried the software about 2 years ago, and loved it. I think my favorite feature is the tabbed browsing. You can open up several pages in one single window, without cluttering you taskbar. All you have to do is hold down the Ctrl-Key or Apple Command Key down and click on a link (especially useful for addicts) and viola its opened in a new tab at the top of the screen under the address bar. This feature is my favorite, but is not the only superb feature in Firefox. Firefox’s home page offers hundreds of plug-ins for this program, anything from Google toolbar to a toolbar. Firefox has a built-in RSS feed reader, which is a must if you’re a blogger or a blog reader. Firefox is also extremely fast when loading web pages. I would have never thought that I would have been writing this article, but Firefox has won me over. I want to share this great new M$ IE alternative with everyone. Try FireFox by clicking on the link below.

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