Final Exams Coming Up !! AHHHHHHH!!

I just realized how close final exams are. I only have five more days left in this semester. Sweeeett!! But 4 out of the 5, I have some sort of test to take. This is make or break time, and I’m hoping I don’t break. I am glad that I am finished with one class completely, my engineering class did not have a final exam. We had a final design presentation due last week that was kinda like the final exam. I was virtually burnt slam out towards the end of last week. We had a large written Final Design report to turn in, and a slideshow presentation to create and narrate. I pulled a couple over-nighters working on it. My team did an excellent job and I’m just glad its all over. Alrighty, well thats the update. Now I must get ready and start my long arduous journey to school. (may have overdone it a little..hehe) Take care everybody. Oh…Hopefully, 2 weeks from now I will have some beautiful pictures to post in my new photo gallery of Gatlinburg and the moutains.

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