Artificial Intelligence

Cause and Effect of Artificial Intelligence – By: Brandon Fiquett

Due to the many recent advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence, many have become concerned because of mankinds strive to make life easier, we may be opening a door that should not be opened.

There have been many advances of AI implementation in logic and in the area of nanotechnology. Steven Hawking, while writing his theory of Worm Hole travel, mentioned conscious machines. Sir Rodger Penrose, Steve Hawkins’s arch rival, said that there was much more to building an intelligent, conscious machine, than just immense computational power. Many feel that it is only a matter of time before science understands how we are made, and people begin to attempt to mimic nature.

Technology is slowly becoming capable of building smaller and smaller, right down to the nanometer level. Scientists are already working on the use of nano-robots that will be able to navigate the human body, to fight infection, cure otherwise incurable diseases, and map the human brain.

In time, so much will be known about the brain that scientists will be able to mimic neuronal circuitry, and build artificially brained robots. As their technology evolves, these robots will be given more and more responsibilities. Globally, people will buy these robots, as janitorial robots, educational machines, babysitter robots, companionship robots, friendship robots, etc.

By this time, world leaders may have already established a global governmental system that is enforced by these machines. At this point, they will have already made their mistake. As the IQ gap between artificial beings and humans slowly dwindles, the obvious will eventually happen.

The only question is, who will win?

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