12V DC Ammo Can Power Box v1.0


I wanted to build a custom rugged battery box on a budget for amateur radio communications and emergency charging. The ammo can was found in poor condition at an army surplus and was restored by sanding to remove rust, re-painting, and lubricating the rubber seal. I’m not yet satisfied with the internal fabrication and will continue to improve upon its design later. Future improvements to include: led switch, solar charge controller, improved mounting panel, volt/amp meter.

more photos below and materials list below…

Materials used:

  • 1x – .50 cal ammo box
  • 4x – 12v 7.1 ah SLA batteries
  • 1x – led strip
  • 1x – cut up black mouse pad
  • 1x – 1 foot strip of heavy duty velcro
  • 3x – 2″ pieces of aluminum angle  (velcro used on both exterior sides for panel mounting)
  • 1x – SPST 12VDC Lighted Automotive safety switch
  • 1x – Banana plug jack
  • 1x – 12V automotive cigarette lighter fused socket (installed adjacent to banana plug)
  • 1x – Banana plug to Anderson Power Poles adapter
  • 1x – 12V Battery Tender Junior Battery Charger
  • misc wire and connectors…



with misc power connectors and mini-altoids USB charger
led strip illuminated
view of 4 SLA batteries and switch panel
aligning handmade stencil of K2FIQ call sign and description
painting with the stencil
stencil removed
finished product
rough wire diagram
rough wire diagram


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