My new Mac is on its way!! Yesssss!!

My new Apple PowerMac G5 is on its way to its new home, my house. I’ve been waiting on this day since it came out and I started saving. Should be here next week. I may be blogging from a mac next week. Hooray!! I want to try and setup a streaming video intro on my main site. I may do some special effects. Muahahahahahaha… I need to do force lightning on somebody!! INFINITE POWERRRRRRR!!!! Muahahahahaha!!

Uncap the iPod nano’s (or any iPod’s) volume level!

This little software program called goPod will allow you to uncap your iPod’s volume so the sound comes out louder. Apart from the iPod Shuffle, every (recent) iPod is now compatible with this software version (1.3), including the nano. Reminder, the prolonged use of an MP3 player at a high sound volume damages your hearing IRREMEDIABLY!

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