Send your own Pocket Spacecraft on a Mission to the Moon!

Members of our team co-created the first space mission funded on KickStarter (KickSat – due to be launched by NASA later this year), and have created or co-led influential workshops such as the Interplanetary CubeSat Workshop at MIT, and the Keck Institute for Space Studies Small Satellites: A Rev

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Hyperdrive engine could let us reach Mars in 3 hours

The US military is considering testing the principle behind a type of space drive which holds the promise of reaching Mars in just three hours. Sounds like these guys have been watching too much Star Wars, but will it really work? I can see it 10 years from now,


(Kid gets ready for school, walks out to the bus stop then realizes he forgot something and runs back in the house.)
Kid: “Mom, mommm, I need you!”
Mom: “What is it Johnny?”
Kid: “I need you to sign my parental consent form for a field trip.”
Mom: “No problem honey, Where are you going?”
Kid: “Ohh just Mars again. It should take us 3 hours to get there , we’ll stay for about 2 hours, have our nice sack lunches, then head back home .”
Mom: “Ok Johnny. You be careful now, listen to your teacher. When she tells you to roll the window up, roll it up this time. And no poking holes in each others space suits, them things are expensive. And here take my 1000 mega pixel camera and get some good pictures of Cydonia while your there.”
Kid: “Ok..Thanks mom!! See you this afternoon!!

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Web hosting !!

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