Make money online with Adsense!

Many people today are familiar with Google Adsense, Adsense offers small to big sites the ability to insert variable sized adds throughout their site. When visitor’s click these adds you get money.

Sounds Easy Right?

Wrong! Well why?

Because so many people design their sites to be used just for Adsense, well no wonder their not getting a high click thru rate. So what are some tips for creating a site that can
dramatically increase your Adsense earnings.

Here are some tips:

1. Submit your site to e-zine, announcement groups (be careful though, make sure your article on your site or blog is living up to its name)

2. Distribute free articles to distribution sites.

3. Email signatures – Include a link to your Adsense site on all of your email signatures. (You would be surprised, but the curiosity of your acquaintances can generate you cold hard cash.)

4. Ask questions about keywords and tips, in discussion groups. (Don’t forget TIP 3, you can add your Adsense site to your forum signatures too!)

5. Barter your services and skills for high-revenue keywords.

Make Money online from Google!

If you have a website, and would like to earn a little extra money on the side. Click the link below! Fill in the information. If you need help or have any problems. Go to and make a post in the computer questions section. I would be more than glad to help you get started. Some of googles ads, i.e. for Firefox (the best internet browser), they will give you 1 dollar everytime someone clicks on the link and installs it. Firefox is always being downloaded because it is the best browser ever. It has no spyware and is safe. Google Adsense costs you nothing!! Absolutely nothing!! Once you pop in their little blurb of code into your site, their googlebot automatically selects appropriate adds for your content, hence “targeted adds”. It’s absolutely amazing. I’d definitely recomend it!!

Oh Yeah BTW.. Download Firefox!! (You won’t go back to IE)