Quad-Copter – Intro

UPDATE — 11/17/2010 – Avionics complete. Frame 95% completed.


  1. Make up a power distribution harness for suppling power from the main lipo to the ESC’s.
  2. Recieve and solder new set of H-KING 20a  ESC’s ( Was only able to procure 3 Turnigy Plush 18a ‘s before they went into BACKORDER..ahhhh)
  3. Solder female JST to Arduino for control power.
  4. Design and build some kind of landing gear and battery harness.
  5. Purchase and install Onboard video system. (Go-Hero HD??)
  6. Charge Batteries
  7. Wire management (CRAM everything in the box)
  8. Maiden flight


For more on my Quad-Copter project, check it out here

Dreaming – Our own personal simulator!

I’ve noticed over the past couple years and especially more recently, that sometimes I will continue to work on some challenge (coding/design project, school work, etc…) even while sleeping.

Quite frequently I awake only to remember bits and pieces.

Rarely can I remember the solution long enough to write it down and implement it the next day. When I have been able to, I was surprised to find out that it actually made sense. After watching this video, it seems to make more sense.

Perhaps their is a way to harness the power of our minds in a creative/productive way while we are in a seemingly useless/unproductive state.

186.365 – For Real This Time.

After Josh’s first picture slicing through a Banana with a steak knife, I loaned him the knife my grandfather (Oley) and I made together. (Oley’s new hobby..tool/knife making..hehe)

Leave it to Josh to make an awesome picture. Josh’s inspiration is Fruit Ninja for iPhone.
(Soon to be available in HD for iPad)

“That just Happened” – Fireworks Gone Wrong!

So I was invited to go to this baseball game w/ friends. It was a nice game, and the fireworks show afterwards will be hard to forget.

Fortunately, my friend/co-worker, Greg Goodwin, was able to start filming as soon as the first explosion happened and he was able to capture what is now my personal favorite angle of the incident.

Video Courtesy of:  Gregory Goodwin (MrPezMan23)

MrPezMan23 | July 12, 2010

On Friday night, July 9th, 2010, the Hudson Valley Renegades beat the Auburn Doubledays in 11 innings. The home crowd was very excited and were looking forward to the fireworks after each Friday night home game.

The outfield lights were turned off, including all other lights in the park for maximum enjoyment of the display. After perhaps 5 minutes of an amazing display, a very small ground level explosion occurred behind the outfield fence where the fireworks were originating from. A few moments later a green firework appeared to come from under the fence at ground level skipping across the outfield toward second base. The crowd reacted nervously, some screams. That is where the video picks up.

From my seat in section 305, I turned my camera on because I felt like something else might happen. Unfortunately, it did. A few moments later, another explosion occurred, rocketing a red firework toward the home plate grandstand, slamming into the window of the suites. I kept videoing, nobody seemed to be seriously injured, I could not hear any screaming or crying once the lights came on. I then evacuated as directed.

I originally posted this on CNN’s iReports. I am also posting it here on YouTube for iPhone users.

Updated – Also Seen On:

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Enjoying New York!

So we’ve been in Patterson, NY for 28 days so far. The weather has been different compared to back home. Lots and lots of snow, sleet, slush, and freezing temperatures. Aside from the having to get used to the weather, we are thoroughly enjoying our stay. I’ll try to keep you updated.


New member of the family!!

On April 14th 2007, we adopted a new member to the family! We named her “Tater Tot”! She is a miniature Schnauzer. We adopted Tater from PAW’s in Columbus, she was abandoned and left unkempt and sick. She was nurtured back to good health and groomed. Visit their website today and save a dog who is in desperate need of a family! PAW’s Website 😉

My New Company Website Launched!!

I have finally finished the logo for my new company.

It can also be seen at this teaser page. http://www.cynaptech.com

This will give my side business an official name now. I will eventually convert it to a full-time job. The company will specialize in computer repair, networking, consulting, web design, and other digital advertisement. If you have any questions or suggestions on company or logo, let me know. Please comment and let me know what you think of the logo. Be honest, if ya like, lay it on me, if ya don’t, you see that “X” in the top corner of your browser window…lol…nah, go ahead and lay it on me… L8er

Hilarious Night!!

So I went to see When a Stranger Calls again with a group of friends. Just had to watch them jump. lol.. so the movie begins with extremely long previews (30 min minimum). The movie progresses to the little THX Digital sound demo. The THX robot proceeds to show the audience a cow rattle toy, the robot turns the toy over and it makes a “moerrrrrrr!!!!” sound. He then plugs it into the big THX in the background and turns it over. Then it makes a louder “moerrrrrrr!!!!”, but this time its surround sound. So then the screen goes black, I could not resist. I did it, I let out the loudest “moerrrrrrr!!!!”. I don’t think i have ever made that many people laugh at one time. It was hilarious!!!! Then even after the movie was over, folks were coming up to me “Dude that was awesome, too funny!!!”. So i hang out little while and head home. Well there’s a family powwow going on when i get home. Everybody’s just sitting around talking and having fun. Well obviously when I came in, I let a monster mosquito in. So were sitting their talking an the mosquito starts buzzin around in the vaulted ceiling of our den. Mom grabs the fly-swatter and starts jumpin and swattin…( talk about hilarious!!)The mosquito finally lands upside down right in the peak, completely out of reach, without ladder aid. So dad gets the bright idea he’s gonna shoot the skeeter with a rubber band. He proceeds to start firing off rubber bands all over the place, one miss after another. Eventually one of the rubber bands ricochets off the ceiling and lands in my lap. Here’s the amazing part. I picked the rubber band up, by this time the mosquito is no longer still, but buzzing around in the peak again. I stretched it out, took aim, and fired. I am not going to lie to you, I promise. That fly blew up, wings went everywhere. That was the most fortunate shot ever. It looked like the movie where the bird gets hit by the baseball and feathers go everywhere. It was too funny. I could barely believe it. So awesome!!! Well now im about to hit the sack, b/c i have a long day ahead tomorrow.

So Latas folks, 😉