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Quad-Copter – Intro

UPDATE — 11/17/2010 – Avionics complete. Frame 95% completed.


  1. Make up a power distribution harness for suppling power from the main lipo to the ESC’s.
  2. Recieve and solder new set of H-KING 20a  ESC’s ( Was only able to procure 3 Turnigy Plush 18a ‘s before they went into BACKORDER..ahhhh)
  3. Solder female JST to Arduino for control power.
  4. Design and build some kind of landing gear and battery harness.
  5. Purchase and install Onboard video system. (Go-Hero HD??)
  6. Charge Batteries
  7. Wire management (CRAM everything in the box)
  8. Maiden flight


For more on my Quad-Copter project, check it out here

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Dreaming – Our own personal simulator!

I’ve noticed over the past couple years and especially more recently, that sometimes I will continue to work on some challenge (coding/design project, school work, etc…) even while sleeping.

Quite frequently I awake only to remember bits and pieces.

Rarely can I remember the solution long enough to write it down and implement it the next day. When I have been able to, I was surprised to find out that it actually made sense. After watching this video, it seems to make more sense.

Perhaps their is a way to harness the power of our minds in a creative/productive way while we are in a seemingly useless/unproductive state.

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186.365 – For Real This Time.

After Josh’s first picture slicing through a Banana with a steak knife, I loaned him the knife my grandfather (Oley) and I made together. (Oley’s new hobby..tool/knife making..hehe)

Leave it to Josh to make an awesome picture. Josh’s inspiration is Fruit Ninja for iPhone.
(Soon to be available in HD for iPad)

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“That just Happened” – Fireworks Gone Wrong!

So Andrea & I were invited to go to this baseball game w/ friends. It was a nice game, and the fireworks show afterwards will be hard to forget.

Fortunately, my friend/co-worker, Greg Goodwin, was able to start filming as soon as the first explosion happened and he was able to capture what is now my personal favorite angle of the incident.

Video Courtesy of:  Gregory Goodwin (MrPezMan23)

MrPezMan23 | July 12, 2010

On Friday night, July 9th, 2010, the Hudson Valley Renegades beat the Auburn Doubledays in 11 innings. The home crowd was very excited and were looking forward to the fireworks after each Friday night home game.

The outfield lights were turned off, including all other lights in the park for maximum enjoyment of the display. After perhaps 5 minutes of an amazing display, a very small ground level explosion occurred behind the outfield fence where the fireworks were originating from. A few moments later a green firework appeared to come from under the fence at ground level skipping across the outfield toward second base. The crowd reacted nervously, some screams. That is where the video picks up.

From my seat in section 305, I turned my camera on because I felt like something else might happen. Unfortunately, it did. A few moments later, another explosion occurred, rocketing a red firework toward the home plate grandstand, slamming into the window of the suites. I kept videoing, nobody seemed to be seriously injured, I could not hear any screaming or crying once the lights came on. I then evacuated as directed.

I originally posted this on CNN’s iReports. I am also posting it here on YouTube for iPhone users.

Updated – Also Seen On:

More Information:

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Enjoying New York!

So we’ve been in Patterson, NY for 28 days so far. The weather has been different compared to back home. Lots and lots of snow, sleet, slush, and freezing temperatures. Aside from the having to get used to the weather, we are thoroughly enjoying our stay. I’ll try to keep you updated.


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Blog coming back up!

In the process of breathing some life into my near dead site. Imported all the old posts from my old blog. Check back soon! 😉

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Wedding Pictures Uploaded!

Just going to let everyone know I have posted a few pictures from our wedding at Please enjoy! 😉

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New member of the family!!


On April 14th 2007, we adopted a new member to the family! We named her “Tater Tot”! She is a miniature Schnauzer. We adopted Tater from PAW’s in Columbus, she was abandoned and left unkempt and sick. She was nurtured back to good health and groomed. Visit their website today and save a dog who is in desperate need of a family! PAW’s Website 😉

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Andrea and I are getting married!!!

Brandon Fiquett and Andrea MillerOn November 1st 2006, I asked the woman who made me the happiest i ever thought i could be, the woman that gave me a new reason to live, the woman that made me whole, to marry me. Were getting married on March 24th 2007. And everybody keeps asking where we are registered at, so ill put it on here, We are registered at Target. We are both looking forward to March 24th very much! Thanks to all our friends for everything you have done for us these past months. 😉

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Cynaptech, LLC is Now Official!!

As of today, all paper work completed, bank account setup, yadaydayda done…. I’m legit now.. WOOT WOOT!! The logo below is missing the LLC, (to protect meself, smart move). Yall need computer work, look me up!

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