$15 million yacht can be controlled by an iPad

Space ship Super sleek Shining light Daring design Boat building Glitzy gadgets Light and bright Ship-shape

(CNN) — With her curved ‘wings,’ long pointed nose, and gleaming underbelly propped high above the waves, this space-age yacht might be better suited to the sky than the sea.

via pocket http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/01/tech/is-this-space-age-ipad-superyacht/?hpt=hp_c4

Best Super Bowl Commercial! VW Vader

With the exception of this one, I was not very impressed at the commercials this year. Some of them were just plain bad. This one made me laugh so hard. Who can honestly say that they haven’t tried this as a kid. Ok ok maybe you can ….. I can’t 😉

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Quad-Copter – Test Flight

So I managed to procure another set of ESC’s, soldered them up, and finished the power harness. I still want to build some landing gear and move the battery to the bottom, but for now it will do.

I tested it briefly after work on Friday, but today I was able to tweak the programming and had a very successful test flight until one of my props broke. I ordered some more props for backup and will be back in the air soon. 😉

Thanks Robbie for shooting the video!

More detailed pics and information on the build process to come.

For more on my Quad-Copter project, check it out here