Word Lens – Taste of the Future

Can your Droid do this?
Couldn’t Resist.. Sorry 😉

Quest Visual released their new iPhone app this morning, Word Lens.

I saw a post on Google Reader this morning and decided to download. After buzzing around, watching it perform the word reverse demo, I purchased the in-app English-Spanish translation packs. That is when the fun began.

I was completely blown away by how quick and precise it could replace words on signs. The words looked like they should be there in real life. It is definitely an extraordinary accomplishment.

I cannot wait for more language packs to be released.

Can you imagine a heads-up display, built in to your sunglasses, automatically translating and augmenting your reality as you travel to a foreign country? A truly mind blowing concept.

Cr-48 Chrome Notebook – First Impression


As soon as I heard about the pilot program, you know I was already signed up.

My buddy Mason just got his in the mail yesterday… Where’s mine Google??? 🙁

The hardware has a slight 2007 Macbook feel to it. I was honestly blown away by the speed of boot and login. All of my bookmarks and settings were just automatically there. It has very clean and neat feel to it.

My co-workers and I immediately tried to gain console access. (Ctrl-Alt-T) The “crosh” shell is limited right out of the box, but you can probably do more in the dev environment. The applications seem very responsive.

Bug-reporting is conveniently integrated into the GUI, automatically taking screenshots and I assume compiling the log files into a package that gets sent with the bug report.

Overall first impression: VERY IMPRESSED!


Quad-Copter – Test Flight

So I managed to procure another set of ESC’s, soldered them up, and finished the power harness. I still want to build some landing gear and move the battery to the bottom, but for now it will do.

I tested it briefly after work on Friday, but today I was able to tweak the programming and had a very successful test flight until one of my props broke. I ordered some more props for backup and will be back in the air soon. 😉

Thanks Robbie for shooting the video!

More detailed pics and information on the build process to come.

For more on my Quad-Copter project, check it out here